Away Café 

Most vegans get excited about the prospect of herbivore dining, but when it comes to more of a low-key, pop-in spot to get meatless food and enjoy the ambiance, it’s nice to see smaller cafés opening up on your neighbourhood corner. Away Café is located in Little Italy, semi-centrally, around College and Ossington. It's a great blend of casual and cool, with a relaxed vibe, good food, and even a place to work, study, or hang with the fam. Come for the fresh sandwiches, warm empanadas, cozy lattés, and tasty desserts, but stay for the wood tabletops, vintage/industrial finishes, greenery, teal accents, and WiFi.


Clockwise from top left: The exterior of Away Café at 680 College Street, a latté with coconut milk, delicious and healthy menu options, the Shredded King Oyster Mushroom sandwich, Sweet Potato Chipotle and Creamy Vegetable Empanadas with Herb Sauce, the interior space