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Holiday 2018


Holiday dining is even more special when it's vegan, frankly. And when there are upscale places serving innovative and delicious food to cozy up in with your one and only love or your entire family, well that's hard to resist this time of year. Stella Resto is just a pop-up restaurant for now, but (rumour has it) the operation could stick around if it achieves enough success. Dino Luciano, the winner of Masterchef and menu creator merged with The 5700 (the company behind much of the Vegandale success) on this venture, so we shouldn't expect anything else. Despite its small menu, there are so many amazing flavours—including Alfredo! Go add to the demand.


Clockwise from top left: A complimentary plate of chips and carrot dip, Three Mushroom Capellini with vodka Alfredo sauce, Bohemian Squash Fettuccine with charred fennel, the hip interior vibe of Stella Resto at 304 Richmond St W, Sea Rum Cannoli with amaretto cashew mascarpone and ice cream, Cherry Risotto with lemon chardonnay 

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