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Writing, Editing, and Styling

I like to say I was basically born a writer, and my editing skills evolved over time as my friends gave me their essays to review (because they knew English was my forte). On the flip side, my interest in fashion and love for animals kind of grew together over the past 15 or so years.


Unlike writing and editing going hand in hand, when I went vegan, I realized the potential conflict between these other two passions. As I became increasingly conscious of animal suffering, I vowed to omit everything that was part of it. This includes the various animal materials and by-products we typically use and wear. 


Overall, I just like making things look (and sound) good. But I also believe in the importance of taking a stand against the abuse involved in all non-vegan fabrics, as well as lab experiments performed to test many products.

If you happen to need help writing and/or editing for your vegan-friendly business, or vegan-friendly styling in your wardrobe, I would be more than happy to help.


Contact me to discuss further.  

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