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The book "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" explains how, historically, most women have been communicative when they are upset, wanting to discuss the situations with friends, while men have tended to instinctually retreat into their cave and want to be alone.  Well, fast forward to modern times and that cave has had the opportunity to become pretty stylish! Simply put, even guys who don't really care about home decorating want a nice, cozy place to relax in. And that's where modern design comes in for understated furniture and cool accessories that look great, but are also totally functional. It's nice when the cave looks charming and well-decorated.    

Clockwise from top left: Kvell wood Versa Garment Ladder; W&P hardwood, brass and steel Bartender's Knife; W&P glass Barware Set; W&P walnut wood Host Board; Kvell velvet Boto Tall and Short Storage Ottomans 

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