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Bar Vegandale

Many of us have that common resolution to eat better and get healthier with the start of a new year. But, especially during the winter, we also deserve to treat ourselves sometimes! And since the wait to get into the new vegan Mythology (on the southwest side of Queen and Dufferin) was an hour and 20 minutes on the Friday night before New Year's, I returned to its older vegan sibling next door, Doomie's—a fellow child of The 5700 Inc.—for some cozy food. The funky eatery is perfect for a casual dinner date or hangout with friends, complete with delicious veggie burgers and fries, tacos, booze, dairy-free milkshakes, and other great cruelty-free spins on the classics. For more fun, there's an arcade game and basement selfie room, plus cheeky signs littered throughout the small joint.    

Clockwise from top left: The view upon arriving at Doomie's, Buffalo Style Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Bacon Cheese Fries, some bar seating, Chicken Parmesan Sandwich and fries, a fun neon sign, a "No Salads" reminder (or mantra) behind the bar, Deep Fried Oreos topped with ice cream

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