Editor's Note

Animals are, quite simply, the best!! I love watching cute viral videos they're featured in, visiting them at the sanctuaries, snuggling with my furry sibling, and meeting new furry friends all the time. I'm basically a huge fan! That's why I believe the days of sacrificing their lives for our eating habits are over... but also that being vegan isn't just about food.

Even though I love fashion, beauty and home décor as much as the next gal (or probably more), I think using or wearing animal products isn't particularly fabulous. Nor is it even that difficult anymore to substitute fur, leather, suede, down, wool, cashmere, mohair, angora, silk, skins, bones and testing from our must-have lists with a little extra effort and without breaking the bank. You do NOT need to forego your stylish side when it comes to dining or shopping—in fact, it’s much more chic to be a conscious consumer!

In Your Vegan Style is based in Toronto and proudly profiles many local, national and global businesses, including many non-vegan businesses that feature a substantial amount of vegan-friendly options. Regardless, I hope my findings will help you make cruelty-free choices wherever you live with greater ease... whether you're vegan yet or not. And if you're looking for styling or personal shopping help, feel free to get in touch!

                                                                                 Peace, love & animals,