Editor's Note

To put it simply, I'm a genuinely huge animal lover! I wasn't always, but the older I get—and the longer I've been vegan for—the more I've grown to appreciate the beauty in other species. We all tend to love watching cute viral videos they're featured in, but how many people truly make the connection between those beings and the ones on their plates? Well, I believe the days of sacrificing their lives for our eating habits are over. But also that being vegan isn't just about food...

Nowadays, some of my favourite activities are visiting animal sanctuaries, snuggling with my dog, and making new furry friends (even if they're quick relationships on the sidewalk). And because I simultaneously love fashion, beauty, décor, and dining out as much as the next gal—or probably more—I'm dedicated to highlighting all of the wonderful substitutions for meat, eggs, dairy, fur, leather, suede, down, wool, cashmere, mohair, angora, silk, skins, bones, and animal testing.


Sure, it may require a little extra effort to make these changes, but you do NOT need to forego your sense of style or taste side when it comes to shopping and dining—in fact, I think it’s much more chic to be a conscious consumer! And that's why In Your Vegan Style (which is based in Toronto) proudly profiles many local, national and global businesses, including many non-vegan businesses that feature substantial vegan-friendly options. Ultimately, I hope this information will help you make cruelty-free choices with greater ease... whether you're vegan yet or not. 

                                                                                 Peace, love & animals,