Planta Queen

When it comes to going out for dinner, there are very few (if any) drawbacks. And if you can find a place with great ambiance, great service, and great food, you pretty much hit the jackpot. Especially when you have picky people to please! Fingers crossed that the restaurant you're visiting pulls through. Well, in Toronto, Planta's second location on Queen Street with an Asian-inspired menu that deviates from its Yorkville sister (and is affectionately known as the separate "Planta Queen" for that reason) certainly does. Upscale vibe? Check. Appropriate for any occasion? Check. Delicious dishes? Check.


Clockwise from top left: Rainbow Roll (with ahi watermelon), Chocolate Cake (with coconut gelato), Pineapple Fried Rice (with curry cashews), some of the ambiance at 180 Queen Street West, General Lee's Cauliflower (with ginger and sesame), and Bang Bang Broccoli (with sweet chili sauce)