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Winter Accessories

Contrary to popular opinion, just because you grow up living in a temperate climate where winter rears its ugly head every year, doesn't mean you actually ever get used to the cold. But one of the tricks you might learn to deal with it is not just focusing your shopping search on a warm coat and boots, but also some cute and cozy accessories to keep your extremities warm. Have you ever forgotten gloves, a hat, or a scarf on a blistering day? Then you know what we're talking about... So where can you find great options that are made without wool, cashmere, leather, or other animal skins and furs? They need to stay warm, too, you know! Here are some of our favourite finds.

verloop simple rib hat and glove set 2.j
noize elsa gloves 2.jpg
matt & nat wynn hat & scarf set.jpg
joe fresh ski gloves 2.jpg
poppy and peonies leopard toque 2.png
Franklin + Daisy soft tie dye toque blue

Clockwise from top left: Verloop Simple Rib Hat and Glove Set, Poppy & Peonies Leopard Toque, Joe Fresh Ski Gloves, Matt & Nat Wynn Hat & Scarf Set, Noize Elsa Gloves, Pudus Blanket Scarf Stars, Franklin + Daisy Soft Tie Dye Toque

pudus blanket scarf stars.jpg
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