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There's a reason perfumes and colognes have become so popular as gift ideas—although personal (i.e. potentially challenging to choose for someone else), they are uniquely multi-purposeful. On one hand, they can be intimate and romantic. On the other hand, they can be relatively generic. Bottom line: You can give them to anyone! Gift receipts are your best friend, though, because everyone has different taste, and scents vary on different people. If buying for yourself, spritz a little on your unscented wrist first and give it some time to settle to ensure you like it. With all the lovely vegan-friendly options for both men and women today, you can certainly be a bit choosy!

pacifica hawaiian ruby guava (2).jpg
clean classic rain.jpg
kat von d saint eau de parfum.jpg
herban cowboy dusk cologne 2.jpg
jack black blue mark eau de parfum.png
le labo santal 33.jpeg
stella mccartney stella eau de

Clockwise from left: Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava perfume, Clean Classic Rain eau de parfum, Kat Von D Saint eau de parfum, Herban Cowboy Dusk eau de cologne, Blue Mark eau de parfum by Jack Black, Le Labo Santal 33 eau de parfum, Stella eau de parfum by Stella McCartney

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