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Bloomer's is the kind of place to go when you want the vegan version of weekend brunch, a sweet treat after work, a coffee, a beer, or a full delicious meal. It's basically a coffee shop, restaurant and casual pub in one to hang out with friends, a date, or solo! And your palate mood is virtually irrelevant—they have salads, rice bowls, bagels, pastries, booze, caffeine, and even free WiFi for patrons. On top of all that, their two locations are pretty central on Bloor Street and Queen Street, so neither east-enders nor west-enders have too long to travel when they're craving any of that good stuff. The vibe is quaint, friendly-hipster, and attract all sorts. Vegan is in bloom(ers)!

Clockwise from top left: Pulled Jack Sandwich (with cabbage coleslaw and an onion ring), Cobb Salad (with tofu, bean curd "bacon" and heart-of-palm "egg"), the Other Bowl with added tofu, company signage from the Toronto Veg Food Fest, a maple walnut donut from the ever-changing bakery counter at either of their locations at 873 Bloor Street West, Toronto and 715 Queen Street West, Toronto

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