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Winter Coats

Freezing temperatures, tornado winds, and massive snowfalls... certainly no one is impervious to October and beyond in these parts of the world. It makes sense we would need to seek out fabulous vegan-friendly outerwear (suits of armour, if you will) to shield us from the ridiculously harsh elements! Luckily, there is a vegan plethora of warm vegan options to choose from as we approach a new vegan decade! Because faux down, faux wool, faux fur, and faux shearling are all the rage (joining the faux leather mainstay)—and you can find them from completely vegan AND mainstream non-vegan companies alike. In tons of colours! And unlike the food industry, which prefers the "plant-based" label, the fashion industry is actually embracing "vegan" as a sales-booster! Now the only cold bully left is that internet troll.

vaute couture belden coat-1.png
save the duck recycled hooded coat-2.jpg
wuxly fox bomber.jpg
oak+fort - faux shearling coat-2.jpg
everlane renew puffer coat-2.jpg
matt and nat evie coat.jpg
kerri lightweight puffer-2.jpg
zara faux fur coat.jpg

Clockwise from top left: Vaute Couture Belden Coat (Primaloft ECO made of recycled plastic bottles insulation from landfill and 100% closed loop recycled fibers), Save the Duck Recy Hooded Coat (100% recycled polyester fibre from plastic bottles), Wuxly Fox Bomber (PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation), Oak + Fort Coat 4278 (100% polyester shearling),

Zara Faux Fur Coat (polyester), Noize Kerri Lightweight Puffer (nylon and 100% RePet recycled polyester), Everlane Renew Puffer Coat (100% recycled PrimaLoft insulation and 100% recycled polyester), Matt and Nat Evie Coat (polyester, viscose, spandex, and recycled polyester)

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