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There's something about a purse that makes you feel complete. We're not all bag ladies, of course, but those of us who have fallen victim to the #baglife have difficulty imagining where the heck we'd put all our stuff without one! And if you're going to have a purse, it should also complete your outfit. Ultimately, having so many chic and functional options today from a plethora of different specialty companies is a total weight off our backs—'cause we put it in our bags! The biggest challenge is just narrowing down to which colour, style, and the overall look you're going for. Which pretty vegan sidekick will you choose? Here are some ideas to help you in the process... 

Poppy & Peonies eddie backpack.png
matt and nat rith saddle bag.jpg
Remi and Reid - ALLISON tote (mustard) 2

Clockwise from far left: Poppy & Peonies Eddie Backpack, Ela Lady Bag, Pixie Mood Charlotte Crossbody, Love and Lore Kensington Tote, Angela Roi Cher Tote, Remi and Reid Allison Tote, Doshi Classic Large Brief, Matt and Nat Rith Saddle Bag

pixie mood charlotte crossbody 2.jpg
doshi classic large brief.jpg
ela lady bag 3.jpg
Love and Lore Kensington Tote (dark gree
angela roi cher tote 3.jpg
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