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A couple years after going vegan, I ordered a pretty new set of dinnerware. Online, the description read "porcelain" but when they arrived in person, the back of the dishes themselves said "bone porcelain". Having heard of bone china, or fine china, I suddenly decided to search for what that actually meant. Turns out, it refers to the literal (animal) bones it is made with. My plates and bowls obviously went back to the store. Fortunately, the days of registering for this stuff when you got married are phasing out and, while bone china or bone porcelain still exist, there are various alternatives today—from ceramic, stoneware and earthenware to glass and bamboo. Check the dishes to be sure. 

kate spade stoneware deco dot accent pla
luminarc glass canterbury dinnerware.jpg
west elm drip glaze mug 2.jpg
anthropologie latte bowls (3).jpg
younglux bamboo fiber bowls.jpg
denby studio stoneware coupe salad plate

Clockwise from top left: Younglux Bamboo Fiber Bowls, West Elm Drip Glaze Mug, Denby Studio Stoneware Coupe Salad Plate Set, Pottery Barn Cambria Stoneware Coupe Serve Bowl, Platewise Bamboo Dinner Plate, Anthropologie Latte Bowls, Luminarc Glass Canterbury Dinnerware, Kate Spade Deco Dot Accent Plate

pottery barn cambria stoneware coupe ser
platewise bamboo dinner plate.jpg
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