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No matter the time of year, or the temperature, or the climate in which you live, there never seems to be a bad time to unwind in your humble abode. Life can be hectic, we might have a million responsibilities, but (if you're lucky and conscientious enough to focus on some self-care) you might just get a little time to chill out and simply binge some Netflix or even—dare I say?—cable once in a while. You don't even need to be alone, so long as your blanket is big enough for two. And what's more peaceful and relaxing than knowing no animals were harmed to keep you cozy? So forego the fur or wool in exchange for faux versions! Luckily, there are many great options.


nordstrom at home sheared stripe faux fu
zara home geometric pattern blanket (2).
taj hotel kantha cotton floral throw.png

Clockwise from top left: Nordstrom at Home polyester Sheared Stripe Faux Fur Throw, Zara Home acrylic Striped Design Blanket, Taj Hotel Kantha Cotton Throw, CB2 acryclic/polyester Faux Fur Snow Leopard Throw, Urban Barn acrylic/polyester Brisbane Chenille Throw, Simons Maison 100% cotton Modern Art Throw

cb2 faux fur snow leopard throw (2).jpg
simons maison modern art throw 3.jpg
urban barn brisbane chenille throw.jpg
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