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Copper Branch

As if you needed more proof that veganism is here to stay: more fresh fast food options! Case in point is Copper Branch, which has been quickly expanding across Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta, with a few locations even in France and Florida. Although not quite as heavily promoted for being “fast” as it is healthy, the company has its own app that helps speed up the process by pre-ordering (to optionally bypass the line) and pick up your food when it's ready for greater efficiency. One of many standouts is their Buffalo Wings (with a possibly-too-believable consistency and wooden "bone") and their delicious "shiitake teriyaki" that you can add to any bowl.


Clockwise from top left: The Copper Branch location at 10 Disera in Thornhill, Organic Spinach Hummus, Spicy Buffalo Wings with garlic aioli, the Aristotle bowl, the General Copper bowl with shitaake teriyaki, Poutine with Cremini Mushroom Sauce

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