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Some people light candles to set a mood, to add a little ambiance or romance, unleash a subtle scent into the air, or even just as a good old fashioned substitute for electricity. No matter what the reason, candles make a lovely aesthetic addition to home décor—even when they remain unlit. Unfortunately, though, many candles are made from either beeswax (which is produced by bees, meaning they were harmed in the process and the wax was taken from them) or paraffin wax (a derivative of petroleum, which is unnatural and chemical-laden). Soy and coconut wax have become a true upgrade for candle lovers. Thankfully, they are often vegan-friendly and cruelty-free! 


buck naked soap company vanilla chai can
voluspa 2.jpg
natura soy marketplace jar.jpg
serendipity candle factory gingerbread h

Clockwise from top left: Buck Naked Soap Company coconut wax candle, Voluspa coconut wax candle, Natura Soy Candle, Arbonne coconut wax candle, Delightfully Pure ylang ylang candle, Saje Natural Soy Wax Candle, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day soy wax candle, The Serendipity Soy Candle Company
mrs. meyers lavender-scented-soy-candle.
arbonne spiced vanilla chai candle.jpg
delightfully pure.jpg
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