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Let's face it: there are many places around the world where three out of four seasons can actually be considered "sweater weather". And Canada is certainly one of them! But while many animal fabrics are still unfortunately being selected for clothes and circulating in the industry, there are also various designers and clothing chains creating excellent, comfortable, cute alternatives that offer the same warmth and coziness. What's wrong with wool, you ask, when sheep "need" to be sheared anyway? Sadly, this process is not the pleasant image many of us grow up imagining. The reality is that they are regularly held down against their will and roughly cut so they end up mutilated and bleeding.  Goats and rabbits (from whom we get cashmere, mohair, and angora) often suffer similar sad fates, all for fabric we can substitute.

tie dye cropped vneck sweater 2.jpg
vero moda bantex high neck cotton blend
gap mix-stitch crewneck sweater 2.jpg
rag & bone Alps Striped Ribbed Cotton Sw
treasure and bond.jpg
john & jenn cotton sweater 2.jpg
sanctuary sweater.jpg

Clockwise from top left: Treasure & Bond Wide Stripe Crewneck Sweater (acrylic/polyester), Gap Mix-Stitch Crewneck Sweater (cotton), Sanctuary Sunsetter Tie Dye Sweater (cotton/viscose), Rag & Bone Alps Striped Ribbed Cotton Sweater, Vero Moda Bantex High Neck Sweater (cotton/acrylic), John & Jenn Rainbow Stripe Sweater (cotton), Twik Tie Dye Cropped V-Neck Sweater (cotton)

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