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The number one question we either hear directly or read in a variety of vegan discussion forums is about footwear. If you are an ethical vegan (for the animals), then wearing leather, wool, shearling, or fur to keep your feet warm would clearly be sacreligious. This is not as challenging in warmer climates when many of us are happy to roam around barefoot or in easy sandals and flats, but searching for options to keep your toes both dry and toasty in the cold certainly filters out many otherwise-good possibilities. Well, don't give up! Before the snow really sets in this year, have a little perusal at your local malls, department stores, and boutiques, or online for some great pairs like these...

native shoes jimmy citylite (2).jpg
call it spring artic.jpg
pawj short boot (2).jpg
blowfish ojai.jpg
columbia leisure minx shorty III.png

Clockwise from left: Blowfish Radiki, Bogs Amanda Plush, PAWJ Short, Aldo Kalessi, Native Shoes Jimmy Citylite, H&M Waterproof, Columbia Leisure Minx, Call It Spring Artic

bogs amanda plush blue.jpg
h&m waterproof (2).jpg
aldo kalessi (2).jpg
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