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Fashion and comfort are pretty much always a mandatory combination in our books—no matter how you choose to spend your summer or getaway (remember those?). Whether sight-seeing, shopping, dining with friends, or relaxing by a lake, we know the search is on for the most functional cute pair of sandals you can find. Leather and suede are obviously not on our good times list, so we rounded up several awesome options made of synthetic materials, rope, fabric, and more to take you morning, noon, or night when the weather is warm. From sporty to chic and straps to ties, there are tons to explore within mainstream and vegan companies. We think you're gonna love all of these!

reef cushion bounce vista hi sandals.jpg
blowfish malibu granola rope.jpg
nalho ganika tiedye 2.jpg

Clockwise from top left: Birkenstock Synthetic Arizona Sandals, Nalho Ganika Tie Dye Sandals, Blowfish Malibu Granola Rope Sandals, Reef Cushion Bounce Visa Hi Sandals, NAE Theia Pinatex Sandals, BellaStoria Cloe Sandals, Corda Original Sandals, Teva Hurricane Sandals, Biotime Brooke Sandals, Tkees Gemma Vegan Sandals

tkees Gemma Vegan sandals.jpg
bellastoria Cloe.jpg
nae vegan theia pinatex.jpg
birkenstock synthetic arizona
teva hurricane sandals.jpg
biotime brooke sandals.jpg
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