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Area Rugs

When it comes to putting the finishing touches on your home, an area rug often just pulls the room together! It can add a pop of colour to the living room, elevate the style in your dining room, soften up your bedroom and—ba da bing, ba da boom—instantly make your space look more polished. The only trouble is, many rugs are made with wool. And wool is one of those problems that people don't always realize is problematic. People tend to imagine sheep getting nice haircuts for us to get their wool, when, in reality, sheep shouldn't actually need hair cuts, are actually bred to overproduce wool, and they are often abused and mutilated during the shearing process. Vegan-friendly alternatives beneath your feet would feel so much better, right? Which is why we rounded up a lovely bunch! 


anthro rifle paper co x loloi palais lux
ecarpetgallery athina rug.png
home outfitters modern abstract rug.png
Ruggable Camellia Jade Rug.jpg
ikea roskilde.jpg
anthropologie felicity rug.jpg
crate and barrel yumi rag rug.jpg

Clockwise from top left: Rifle Paper Co. x Loloi Luxembourg Rug, Home Outfitters Modern Abstract Rug, eCarpetGallery Athina Rug, Anthropologie Felicity Rug, Ruggable Camellia Jade Rug, Ikea Roskilde Rug, Crate & Barrel Yumi Multi-Color Rag Rug, Safavieh Monaco Vintage Bohemian Rug 

Bed Bath and Beyond Safavieh Monaco Vint
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