Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has been a popular addition to cars and purses for years now, but in the age of escalating infectious diseases, it is more important than ever. Certainly, you can't always control which brand you use if you're desperate to disinfect while out, or if businesses regulate using the one they supply before you enter. When buying for yourself, however, you might want to check the ingredients for vegan-friendliness, as well as a high enough alcohol content to ensure its effectiveness. Here is our roundup of some popular (not to mention a range of great smelling) sanitizers from companies who are helping us embrace "the new normal" and stay safe.


the body shop mango antibacterial hand s

Clockwise from top left: Mrs Meyer's Clean Day Basil Hand Sanitizer, Everyone for Everybody Coconut + Lemon Hand Sanitizer, The Body Shop Mango Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer, NENA Glacial Skincare Hand Sanitizer, One Step Live Clean Hand Sanitizer, Attitude Super Leaves Hand Sanitizer Lemon Leaves, Dr. Bronner's Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer