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Sustainable Products

When it comes to helping the planet, we can all stand to do better! Going vegan already reduces your carbon footprint significantly, as animal agriculture is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, but many people are taking further action now by embracing a zero (or at least low) waste lifestyle. Reducing single-use plastic, for starters, is key! Cut out the straws, the bottled water, sandwich bags, grocery bags, and more. It may not always be entirely possible, but making a deliberate, conscious, concerted effort is the first step. Added bonus: sustainable products make thoughtful gifts—to both yourself ("Aww, a vegan lunchbox? I shouldn't have!") and to loved ones.


danesco reusable stainless steel straws.
fair square Junk-Food-Vegan-Tote.jpg
soda stream fizzi-icy-blue-co2.png
urbivore yoga mat.jpg
s'well teakwood.jpg
paperchase insulated the future is vegan
pela case no planet b.jpg
Container Store Anchor Hocking Montana G
Container Store Anchor Hocking Montana G

Clockwise from top left: The Urbivore Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Mat, Fair Square Junk Food Vegan Recycled Tote Bag, SodaStream Fizzi, Anchor Hocking Montana Glass and Wood Containers, Pela Case Eco-Friendly No Planet B iPhone Case, Danesco Reusable Stainless Steel Straws, S'well Teakwood Stainless Steel Teakwood Bottle, Paperchase The Future Is Vegan Insulated Lunch Bag 

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