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In addition to clothing, outerwear and footwear, many accessories like belts are often found to be made of animal by-products. The great thing is: whether you previously preferred leather, suede, snake skin, crocodile or silk, there are wonderful options that outweigh these "materials" in both unnecessary cruelty to animals and price. Vegan fashion is more than just hemp and bamboo after all—although those are great, too (particularly for sustainability). But today, there are also quality faux leathers, faux reptile, and some cool details and fabrics to trade off into your wardrobe... and who really wants to wear dead animals around their waist anyway?  

tahari daisy grommet belt.png
banana republic skinny croc belt.jpg
halogen snake embossed faux leather belt
call it spring valiria belt.jpg

Clockwise from far left: Tahari PVC Daisy Grommet Belt, Halogen Snake Embossed Faux Leather Belt, Banana Republic Skinny Croc Belt, Truth Belts Star Reversible Belt, Matt & Nat Nodo Vegan Belt, Bands of LA Cotton Woven Belt, Free People polyester Evalina Velvet Belt, Call It Spring Valiria Vegan Belt

free people polyester evalina velvet bel
truth belts star reversible belt (2).jpg
matt & nat nodo belt 2.jpg
bands of la cotton woven belt (1).jpg
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