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Wedding Caterers

When deciding on a vegan wedding (as if most vegans would even consider it a question), making sure the food is delicious and will knock people's socks off is priority numéro uno. Fortunately, there are amazing vegan or vegan-friendly caterers and chefs nowadays—plus we hear even plant-based novices have totally welcomed the challenge to create fully animal-free meals! After all, food is their art. Having a glorious wedding cake and other fun desserts is certainly no problem, either (we know this all too well because sweets = life). We rounded up just a few great local options in Toronto, but go on and put Google to work to find ones near you. Our overall tip: Avoid the topic of menu choices if anyone asks how you're planning is going and prepare to amaze and delight your unsuspecting guests! 

Clockwise from top left: Urban Acorn Vegan Dynamite Roll with Roasted Pepper, Smoked Tofu, Torched Chipotle Aioli and Panko; Upbeet Foods Lentil Shepherd's Pie with Mushroom Gravy; Chef Doris Fin Bliss Cake; Grodzinski Bakery Egg-Free Water Challah Bread, Sweets From the Earth Rosette Cake 

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