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Travel Items

When summer finally comes around, it is equally enticing to take advantage of your backyard, deck, front lawn, balcony, porch, and so on as it is to escape your hometown and enjoy some travel time. But no matter how you decide to spend those blink-and-you'll-miss-'em few months, we think you should have some goodies with which to do it that are both vegan-friendly and environmentally-friendly. Ditch the plastic straws, disposable cups, and paper lunch bags, sip some coffee at home from a funny mug instead of grabbing a to-go cup down the street, and perhaps do a little cooking, photographing, and relaxing outside with friends. You earned this needed break!  

Taking a break from life for a week or more means leaving behind a lot of the items we hold dear back at our house or apartment, but just because home décor is not relevant for a getaway, doesn't mean travel decor isn't. And whether you're leaving on a jet plane, taking a road trip, or simply hustling and bustling around your local city (and plopping on the couch at the end of the day) for a staycation, the following items can certainly come in handy. Keeping your body hydrated, your electronics charged up, your clothes wrinkle-free, your jewelry organized, your yoga mat mobile, and your tablet readable are all important to ensuring your break is fabulous! 


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