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Planta Yorkville

Dining out is a solid, staple date option—romantic or platonic—for a plethora of reasons: a) we need to eat anyway, b) it's easier than cooking, c) it's nicer than getting takeout, d) the ambiance is usually a vast improvement over being at home, and e) we don't have to worry about cleaning up afterwards. For an ideal spot in Toronto that's not only vegan, but suitable for any kind of date during the month of love, Planta arguably has one of the best blends of upscale food and a chic atmotsphere. It's geographically central in the city, the food is accessible (with a touch of too-challenging-to-make-yourself), yet not much pricier than average, while the vibe is cool and classy. So bon appétit, vegans! 

Clockwise from top left: Queso Cheese Dip served with tortilla chips, Lettuce Wraps, Bianca pizza, and Chocolate Terrarium at Planta located at 1221 Bay Street, Toronto

IMG_3162 (2).jpg
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